Tube, PCR 0.2ml, Thin Walled With Hinged Flat Cap

PART NUMBER: 981105-1-0-SSP

Sapphire tubes 0.2ml with attached caps $55.00

Thin walled suitable for qPCR

Vol.: 0.2ml
Tube, PCR Rotor-Gene/Qiagen, 0.2ml


  • 3 SNAP 0.2mL PCR tube for Rotor-Gene instruments is the gold standard.
  • Can be used with 0.2mL block thermal cyclers/qPCR instruments.
  • Contamination free – Free from DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors.
  • Virgin Resin – Only virgin polypropylene used.
  • Available with Flat Caps, features the innovative 3 Snap hinge design.

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