Homogenizer Analog, ST110/Clamp/HT1018 Tool HG-15A Set-A


Daihan New Product Homogenizer WHG02016 $850

Homogenizer with Direct Controller, HG-15A Set-A with Analog Stepless Control System

Speed Range Max. 27,000 rpm (without load) Stepless
Working Range: 1 ~ 2,500ml
Permissible Temp. & Moisture: Ambient +5 ~ 50ºC, 85%
Material: Aluminium Die-casting and ABS-Unit, Stainless steel (#304) - Dispersing Tool
Standard component: HT1018 Dispersing tool, CL200 Clamp, ST110 Stand


  • Micro-processor controlled, variable-conversion motor delivers high speed accuracy, low noise and stable operation.
  • Intuitive touch control panel. Programmable operation can be set according to demands / stored automatically.
  • LED or LCD display, user-friendly interface for simple and convenient operation.
  • The real-time conversion of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation.
  • Self-locking, lid safety devices and over-speed safety protection devices as well as automatic alarm.
  • CE, GMP, US FDA Certified.

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